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MARVESOL products, by DISTINGUÉ LLC, are skin care products made from botanical ingredients. They are natural and highly effective perfecting skin formulas inspired by ancient herbal remedies. We have developed a unique and innovative proprietary blend utilizing botanical ingredients to develop products that fights rosacea and reduces the appearance of rosacea redness, and gives a more healthy looking, balanced, and radiant skin.

Lavender: Used for centuries because of its calming, soothing properties. It promotes wound healing and stimulates cell renewal.

Gingergrass: Both soothing and uplifting, this essential oil was first distilled in the 18th century. Gingergrass was used to improve circulation and blood flow and to eliminate stress.

Lemongrass: Known as a mood elevator, lemongrass is antibacterial and fungicidal. It also has astringent properties meaning it constricts the surface of the skin to minimize the appearance of pores.

Verbena: This essential oil has a bright, sunny scent. It has a number of beneficial properties: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic.

Peppermint: It is very stimulating and actually acts as a vasodilator – which means peppermint can widen and relax narrow and restricted blood vessels.

Jojoba: Is full of nutrients and antioxidants, and helps tame inflammation.

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Message From The Co-Founder

The journey of Marvesol began with one man’s quest to restore his skin after many years of suffering from Rosacea and the side effects of topical creams and medications. Combining ancient natural remedies passed down through generations and modern advances in skin care, a revolutionary and innovative cream was created to enhance radiance and provides a balanced state to the skin.

And the journey continues..

Rosacea and Our Quality

Aliesh Pierce 

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the skin. It is characterized by a red, flushed face with distended capillaries and raised papules. The condition often starts with red, burning, and itchy eyes. As it progresses the papules fill with pus, becoming what is known as Acne Rosacea. In its advanced stages patients develop Rynophyma in which the nose becomes enlarged and disfigured. While the actual cause of Rosacea is still unknown, it is believed that a weakened immune system enables the cascade of symptoms that affect approximately 415 Million people worldwide. Since a large part of the immune system resides in the gut, simply ingesting spicy foods, drinking coffee and even the tannins in wine could potentially trigger a flair up. The immune system is also stimulated by ultraviolet radiation and stress as well. So Rosacea can be triggered by simply performing daily tasks.

About the Author : 

Aliesh Pierce is a published author, skin care expert and celebrity makeup artist. With over thirty years experience in the beauty industry, Aliesh began her noteworthy career assisting makeup artists at the age of twelve. By twenty-one she was working as a makeup artist in Europe’s fashion industry traveling between Milan, Paris, London, and Zurich. Upon moving to New York, Aliesh became the personal makeup artist to some of Hip-Hop and R & B’s most recognized musicians. After relocating to Los Angeles, Aliesh worked with an impressive list of clients which includes Queen Latifah, Ryan Gossling, India.Arie, Eva Mendez and the Obamas, among others.

Aliesh is the author of the aesthetics textbook Treating Diverse Pigmentation. She initially added esthetics to her list of credentials to better address the root cause of the skin challenges her clients face. She now writes for trade magazines and regularly speaks at spa industry conferences, sharing her Multi-Ethnic approach to skin care. Aliesh is a sought after educator and has assisted in the formulation of several recognized cosmetic brands.